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About Parvaneh Vineyards

Parvaneh Vineyards is a family winery, located in Paso Robles CA, whose ambition is to produce great wines. Our grapes are hand picked and sorted to preserve full flavor and rich, earthy characters.

Along the southern range of the Santa Lucia Mountains, Parvaneh Vineyards is strategically located within the rolling hills of Paso Robles. This unique locale creates perfect microclimate partially due to the “butterfly effect” that can only be found in Central California. Hot sunny days and chilly nights are to thank for creating these perfectly balanced conditions for our naturally plump, additive-free estate grapes.

In addition to ideal atmospheric conditions, the natural terroir of Parvaneh Vineyards consists of nutrient-dense soils that have been derived from solid bedrock, weathered granite, and marine sedimentary rock of the Miocene-age Monterey Formation featuring calcareous shales, sandstone and volcanic earth dating back several millennia. This uncommonly rich terra firma provides the foundation for our vines unwavering strength and voracity to produce a consistent bounty of exquisite fruit.

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